Tuesday, May 2, 2006

First day on the boat full-time

2nd May 2006
First day on the boat full-time

We arrived yesterday; and you wouldn't believe the name of the pilot for our flight from Miami to St. Thomas -- Captain Ron. And when we anchored tonight in Red Hook Bay, the boat anchored next to us is also named Captain Ron. We need a copy of that movie for this boat!

Flew over parts of the Bahamas that we have never seen from the air before. Absolutely gorgeous! Looked like desert sand dunes but under very shallow, clear, turquoise water. Really beautiful.

Checked out of the BVI this morning--that was our shortest visit there ever: only about 16 hours. Got to St. John is the hottest part of the day to pick up all the boxes that we had shipped down here. Two dinghy rides to carry all the boxes to the boat and we still don't have everything. Six boxes haven't arrived yet; but the spare parts from Amel in France did arrive and that was the most important thing. We need those parts for our haul-out tomorrow morning.

We ate ashore for lunch/dinner/whatever you want to call our only meal of the day about 5:00 and then came back to the boat and sprayed all the boxes with roach poison before unpacking them in the cockpit. Don't want to take the chance of getting bugs on the boat, and we are sure these boxes were exposed to roaches while in transit down here in the islands. Then we brought everything below decks and started to stow. What a chore!!! Hard to get organized, but we'll get there eventually.

Bill found out this evening that the shareholders meeting has been rescheduled for June 15. SO THAT GIVES US ANOTHER WEEK TO REACH GRENADA! That is great news.

Better get off this computer. I'm using someone's WiFi here in the harbor and it is now pouring rain. Might lose the connection at any time

Life is great in tropical paradise, even in the rain.


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